Chris: My experience as a Bulldog intern

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Chris: My experience as a Bulldog intern

Spending time with the Bulldog team was one of the best working experiences I ever had. I started my internship in June 2017, directly after my I finished my studies and stayed there for three months until the end of September.  The time went really quick and combined with team building events we had at the time of year I had an all-around good and fun experience. It was a new working environment to me because I have not really worked in a business with a start-up culture before. From the very first moment on, I felt very welcome and was always supported by my colleagues.

I started my work in the outreach department of the agency where I had the task to optimise the off-page SEO of clients. After a while in the position, I even got my own client and responsibilities to work on. I enjoyed to be responsible myself to meet goals and to directly work on improving the performance of a client. The level of involvement from the very beginning could not have been better. I found it very valuable to also work on more flexible and challenging tasks that require self-initiative. What I really like about online marketing is that fact that results can be tracked very detailed.

Throughout the internship I also worked in many other positions. I got involved with market research, PPC campaigns, Onsite optimisation, Social media management, Content writing and the Graphic design. I liked the opportunity to get insights into all the different areas and I am thankful that Gareth and Bulldog gave me the chance for it.

Another interesting thing to watch was the development of the company. Although I only spent three months with Bulldog, I have been part of the growth of the business with new staff, interns and apprentices. I realised that I prefer the work environment in a small business much more over the corporate business world with almost no room for initiative and long decision ways. Bulldog is different and as mentioned before I was always very active and involved and at the end of the internship I could look back on many accomplished tasks and projects.

The level of variety was very interesting. For example, I spent some time in the design department where I designed an infographic together with another intern. It was amazing to see that the infographic was used online after spending a longtime doing research and designing it. Also, I enjoyed learning a new skill with Adobe Illustrator.

After design work, I moved back to outreach and PPC campaigns. It was fascinating to see how little changes in paid ads can have an effect on advertisement performance. I closely worked with a few colleagues in outreach and account management and assisted with different tasks.

I was lucky to spend time at Bulldog in the summer where we had two team building events. We went Go-karting in Rayleigh in one of my first weeks and also had a Bulldog Party for the 4th birthday of the agency.  I felt that these events can really help to build a good team atmosphere.

Going back to work, I also spend a substantial amount of time on a PPC analysis which I later presented to some staff members. Furthermore, I was also involved with content creation and on-site optimisation tasks.

Although, my time at Bulldog ended after the internship, I will still be active in online marketing and will work on the Presentation Champion, a project of mine to help businesses with visual presentation skills and business presentations. Last but not least, I would really like to thank everyone at Bulldog for the experience, particularly Gareth who offered the internship position to me and who also spent quite some time with me despite his busy schedule. I will remember the time at Bulldog as a very valuable and enjoyable experience and can recommend the agency very much.

Thank you!