5 Very Effective Link Building Strategies For Small Businesses

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There is an endless number of websites present on the internet right now. Millions of smaller businesses compete against each other, with numbers growing every single day. Without the use of search engine optimisation, it is impossible to appear in search engines.

A huge part of SEO is link building. The process of getting relevant backlinks to your website will make or break how high you rank in searches. This is why you should always use the following highly effective link building strategies.

Guest Posting

Guest posting was always a highly effective link building strategy. For small businesses, it is one of the recommended ones because you do not need a large budget to get started. The principle is very simple. You create content for another website and it is posted there. In return, you get a link to a desired, relevant page. The site where you send your article gets new content, and you receive a link.

What is very important is to choose the appropriate websites. You do not gain any benefits if you just post on random sites. Also, the better the content you share, the higher your authority becomes.

Joining Business Associations

The niche backlinks you get from when you join business associations are similar to targeted ads. They are very effective at reaching an ideal audience.

Start your search for the local legitimate associations. You are interested in relevance in your market and high authority. For instance, let us say your small business is a shoe repair business in New York. You can simply use Google to search for “New York Shoe repair association” or similar queries. Visit those associations and see which ones offer links to the registered members.

Many associations offer several extra benefits to members. If you can find some that work with the government, you might even receive some very valuable backlinks from government pages.

Share And Create Local Content

Small businesses want to connect with local communities. This is where sharing and creating local content helps. This practically means you share stories and information that is highly relevant to the area where you do business. Your SEO plan can be positively impacted as you also create bonds with the local visitors. You gain relationships and trust.

When locals appreciate the content you share or create, they will visit your site. They might even offer free backlinks because of the fact you are involved in the community. This is a very smart link building strategy that has been proven as being particularly effective in gaining local SEO benefits.

Create Partnerships

This is another strategy that is particularly helpful in your local SEO strategy. You can partner with the relevant local businesses so you obtain links in a smart way. You would be able to support the other business. They will do the same and people in the area will notice.

While the links you would obtain from the local business can definitely help, it is not the only advantage you obtain from the partnership. The local community will be better serviced so you will eventually get more links in the future in a very natural way.

Integrating VoIP technology into your communication strategies can also enhance your ability to collaborate with partners for link-building opportunities, enabling seamless, cost-effective, and efficient interactions across the globe.

Contact Local News Publications

Local news publications need to share articles about what is happening in the community. You can take advantage of that and obtain some very valuable backlinks in the process. Do this with events, achievements, and projects. The audience of the local news outlets includes your local audience and is much larger than that of a small business website. You thus obtain a large exposure.

It should be added that when you are present in local news outlets, your business has a better visibility. It is seen as being more trustworthy. This in itself can lead to extra backlinks. Also, people get more trust in your business when there is regular news coverage associated to it. Google notices all these things and associates even more trust to the small business.


As you can see, some of the best SEO strategies you always want to look at when you are running a small business are related to local opportunities. These are advantageous because they are much easier to get since you are servicing similar audiences to the publications you obtain the links for. However, this does not mean you should neglect other search engine optimisation strategies that would be beneficial.

At the end of the day, SEO for small businesses is all about taking advantage of the opportunities available based on a very limited budget.

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