How Do I Summarise Ecommerce Product Descriptions For Sales?

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Product descriptions are written by businesses to briefly describe all the features, benefits, and other essences of their products. A better product description necessitates a straightforward, readable, and concise language. This is because, in the world of busyness, people prefer to read short/concise descriptions over long-form ones.

However, sometimes writers are unable to cover all the aspects of their e-commerce product descriptions within a short number of words, and they go wordy. In this scenario, they are needed to summarise lengthy descriptions.

Summarising a product description demands a full grip on writing that everyone may not have. Moreover, it is not like an ordinary type of writing, but you (as a writer) have to cover only essential parts of product descriptions. 

We decided to compile this post to help you better summarise ecommerce product descriptions for sale. Here, we will guide you through a step-by-step process with some practical examples.

Step-by-step process to summarise ecommerce product description for sales

1. Read to understand the product description carefully

The first step involves reading the product description that you want to summarise. Doing so is necessary to summarise the description that could reflect the primary meaning of your writing. Whether you are summarising product descriptions on an FMCG eCommerce platform or a clothing store, this step is essential to fully understand the features of the product.

Effective tips to apprehend the product description:

Below are some of the beneficial tips that could help you to better understand a product description:

  • We suggest you break the product description into smaller parts. This will assist you in better comprehension.
  • Read every line with great care and focus. In the case of complex ones, give them more time.
  • You should understand the whole journey of description like, its headline, introduction, benefits, features, and CTA.

All in all, you should read the product description repeatedly until you are clear about all of its aspects.

2. Separate the parts that need to be summarised

Once you understand the primary message of all the parts in the product description. The next step is to recognise and separate the parts that need to be summarised. 

How to accomplish this task effectively?

Below are the effective ways to accomplish this step.

  • You should recognise what are wordy para or text pieces of your writing.
  • Identify extra details that are necessary to be included.
  • After recognising extra, unnecessary, or wordy parts, you should separate them to know their key points later.

However, in the scenario, when your whole written description is wordy, then you will not need to do this step as you will have to summarise the whole writing.

3. Highlight all the key points of the description

After separating the parts that need to be summarised, you are required to identify and highlight all their key points. You may be wondering; what are the key points? Key points refer to the most vital/significant words or phrases around which the whole information or message of writing revolves. They are also known as keywords and main points of writing.

Easy ways to highlight the key words or points

We discussed some simple ways to highlight the keywords of your writing:

  • After finding keywords, you should write each one at the top of its related paragraph. You can do so by writing a single word, a phrase, or a short line/sentence.
  • Another method to highlight the keywords is by underlining or bolding them.
  • You can list the keywords in a separate sheet or other form of document.
🔍 For Example:

We wrote a part of a product description below and highlighted its keywords.

✍️ Our Paragraph:

“We are offering a wristwatch with an innovative system. Its function is not only limited to tell the users about time. But it performs many other functions like consumption of calories, breath rate, number of steps, and weather conditions. It is a versatile option for users.”

✅ Into…

Key Words: A Versatile Wristwatch

In the same way, you can also point out or highlight the main words or points of a writing. Now let us move to the next step.

4.  Describe key points

This step of summarising requires great care as well as writing skills. Here is the time to express/describe the highlighted keywords.

Powerful tips to describe the key points

Followings are some of the most powerful guidelines and tips to accomplish this step:

  • While summarising a product description, you should not copy and paste words from original writing. But we suggest you rely on your own words to express the key points.
  • You need to describe every separated keyword. Furthermore, you should be oriented to the original meaning throughout the process.
  • To write a summary, you need to be brief, straightforward, and clear. Additionally, you need to be simple. So, you need to avoid using jargon or complex wording.

In this step, you will create the first draft of the product description’s summary. 

5. Revise the summary

This is the last step of the process involves the checking and revision of the summary for inaccuracies or errors. This step needs to be done critically.

Effective ways for accurate revision:

Here are some effective tips for accurately checking or revising the summary:

  • We suggest checking for extra words or details in the summary and eliminating them.
  • You should check whether the summary resonates with the original product description.
  • Ensure that the summarised writing is clear as well as easier to understand.
  • Make sure that there is a strong coordination among the sentences of the summary.

Additional step: Utilise an online summarising tool

The manual process of summarising a product description is mostly challenging. This is because it necessitates you to acquire proficiency in writing along with a lot of time and effort as you can see from the above discussion. 

Furthermore, during the manual process, it is not sure that you will always craft a precise summary. But, as a human, you may sometimes make mistakes like plagiarising, wordiness, or skipping some of the keywords, etc.

To encounter all of the impreciseness and hassles, you can utilise an online summarising tool. A text summarizer is capable of generating summaries immediately. Moreover, it always comes up with 100% precise, engaging, and clear summaries.

All you have to do is to paste the product description into the tool and run it. After a few seconds, the tool will provide a well-crafted summary.

🔍 Real-time Example:

“We wrote an introduction part of the product description for one of our products i.e. “Light bulb.”  We passed the product’s introduction through a summarising tool. The tool summarised the intro within no time.”

✍️ Product’s Introduction:

“Light bulbs are known for their brightness. We are offering this advanced type of fluorescence that comes in multiple colours as well as a diverse range of beautiful designs. The light bulbs are crafted with high-quality material that is long-lasting and unbreakable in case of any crash, or accident.”

✅ Into…

Summarised Text: “We offer advanced fluorescence light bulbs in multiple colours and designs. They are durable, long-lasting, and unbreakable in case of accidents.”



To summarise a product description, you need to have a good grip on writing skills. To help you effectively summarise a product description we discussed a step-by-step process in the post. 

The main steps involve an understanding of the original writing, separating parts, highlighting keywords, describing key points, and proofreading. In addition to the manual process of summarising, we explained an instant as well as accurate method i.e. using the Online Summarising Tool.

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