Uncovering the top 10 digital marketing myths

The top 10 digital marketing myths which all marketers need to be aware of

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Digital marketing has very quickly become a necessity for those who wish to gain visibility online. Without the right digital marketing methods in place, it becomes very easy to get lost in the swarms of websites out there.

There are so many myths floating around in the digital marketing world, and due to being such a complex industry, it can become hard to establish the correct dos and don’ts. To get to the bottom of this, we’ve put the top 10 digital marketing myths on the line, in order to establish the right methods for success.

The top digital marketing myths

1. Once you rank top, that’s it, job done

Once you rank top that's it, jobs don

Incorrect. If you’re ranking #1 for a search term, then your website is clearly of very high quality and relevance – congratulations! However, if you stop all SEO work once you rank at the top, then you’ll soon fall right back down the ranks. The top spot is not cemented, and as frustrating as it may be, you’ll always have competition trying to rank above you. Due to this, it’s important to stay focused, even if you are considered to be the very best. Keep building your SEO efforts and prove to search engine rankings that you deserve to stay in the limelight. Keep a close eye on your competitors and ensure that you’re always staying one step ahead.

2. More traffic means more conversions

More traffic means more conversions

Incorrect. It’s a common misconception that more traffic equates to more conversions. As a matter of fact, it all comes down to quality over quantity in this situation. A low volume of interested, converting, customers is far more valuable than a high volume of disinterested visitors who have no intention of converting.

There are many factors which contribute to targeting the right traffic – are you getting in front of your target market? Do your ads relate to their needs?

Once you’ve established how to get in front of the right audience, then the conversions will follow. Forget about targeting the whole globe, and focus on targeting a more valuable group, instead.

3. SEO can be done overnight

SEO can be done overnight

Incorrect. SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there, but it’s not a ‘quick fix’. The timeline will vary between a website and its needs, but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to see SEO results within 3 to 6 months. It’s important to allow time for search engines to establish where to place you. This might seem pretty time-consuming, but once your website is ranking, it’s on the road to success.

Most businesses struggle to find the time to deal with their SEO, and as a result, end up losing visibility online. If this situation sounds familiar, then you’re in luck, as we’re an SEO agency with all of the time in the world to get your website ranking!

4. Build content, links will build themselves

Build content, links will build themselves

Incorrect. If you’ve seen our top 10 digital marketing myths video, then you’d have realised that Buzz is pretty passionate about this subject. We fear we’d end up with a whole essay if we let Buzz take over this answer, so we’ll keep it short and sweet instead…

Unless your content manages to rank in the top spots immediately, it will have a hard time harbouring links. So, if you’re serious about getting some credible links built, you’ll need to outreach your content to the right outlets. The links will follow when you give people the right resources.

🔗 Want more information on creating content which guarantees links? Take a look at our link building services.

5. Bing is not a useful search engine

Bing is not a useful search engine

Incorrect. There’s no denying that Google is the leading search engine, but Bing should not be neglected. Bing has an estimated 12 billion searches each month, so technically, that’s 12 billion extra people who are ready and waiting to find your services.

It has been found that Bing is particularly good for B2B and corporate clients who are looking to reach a larger market. It’s recommended to spend about 30% of your budget on Bing optimisations, so if you’ve got enough to go around, give it a try and see what happens. Our clients have had great success through both organic and paid Bing search – don’t knock it till you try it!

6. I don’t need SEO, I already do PPC

I don't need SEO, I already do PPC

Incorrect. As Joe states in our video, PPC is like plastic surgery and SEO is like working out. Basically, PPC is perfect for getting quick wins, but SEO is necessary if you wish to rank organically for years to come. Both strategies are just as important as each other, and to move forward successfully, they should both be considered. There are so many digital marketing avenues to explore, and every website will require its very own special mix.

7. You’ll rank better and quicker if you have more content on your site

You'll rank better and quicker if you have more content on your site

Half and half. There’s no denying that Google favours websites which pump out regular fresh content, but once again, quality is always more important than quantity.

Let’s take blogs, for example. If you publish a blog post on a daily basis, the quality will begin to lack as you struggle to keep up with a tight schedule. Search engines will spot this lack of quality right away and deliver poor rankings as a result. If you spend more time focusing on the quality of your blog posts, however, then they’ll have a far higher chance of ranking. The more time you spend optimising a blog post, the more likely it’ll rank. One strongly ranking blog post is far more valuable than several posts which get no traffic, right?

8. You should just focus on one marketing channel

You should just focus on one marketing channel

Incorrect. Every website has different pain points, and due to this, it’s important to test out a whole variety of marketing channels to work out what is best for you. Establish the trends of your target market to help you out here; where are your audience spending their time? What are they searching for? What age group do they sit in? The answers to these questions will help you to establish what channel you should be focusing on.

In short, play around with different marketing channels and see what brings the best results.

9. Google Ads can make you more money

Google Ads can make you more money

Half and half. Typically, the goal of a Google Ad campaign is to make more money. This is a very realistic goal, but only if you’re willing to put the time and budget into perfecting the strategy.

Before you can even think about making money with Google Ads, you need to lay down solid foundations, fine-tuning every little detail possible. You need to drive the right people to the right place; this takes a lot of research and forward-thinking. Ideally, to get the most out of your Google Ads campaign, you will need an expert to set it up and monitor it properly. Our PPC services are ready and waiting to give you a helping hand.

10. I should set up goals for everything so I can track the success

I should set up goals for everything so I can track the success

Incorrect. Setting up goals is an incredibly important thing to do, but there is no need to set up goals for absolutely every metric in your analytics. To avoid getting overwhelmed by numbers, pick 2-5 KPI’s and set up goals for them. Make sure that these goals are measurable and valuable to your strategy.

⛳ Want more information on setting up goals? Check out our guide here.

Get confident with your digital marketing efforts

As you can see, there are many misconceptions in the digital marketing industry which can lead you down a destructive path. Get in touch with us if you’d like further assistance with your digital marketing strategy!

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