We're Finalists Of The Digital Entrepreneurs Awards 2017!

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We’re finalists of the Digital Entrepreneur Awards 2017!


Earlier this month we entered the Digital Entrepreneur Awards and have just found out that we are officially finalists. The Digital Entrepreneur Awards have grown largely in the past few years. This is why we are truly honored to be a part of the expanding industry of Online presense.

These Awards recognise entrepreneurs of high-standard online businesses. Above all, they aim to promote less-known, innovative digital excellence and creative genius.


What Categories did we make the Finals for?


  1. Digital Business of the Year (Small)

  2. Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Gareth Bull

Our Passion


No doubt, Bulldog Digital Media aim to achieve the highest-standards within everything that we do. We believe that along with hard work, skills and talent is what pushes our company above the rest.

We have a passion for our work and take pride in every campaign that we carry out. Whether that’s from our Graphic Designers, Outreach team or anyone who puts their creative skills to the test, every individual is part of a bigger, brilliant team.

We push ourselves to design the most innovative websites and bring our clients online presense to their highest potential. We continue to improve on our work and will carry on learning and advancing in our knowledge, until the services that we provide are no less than perfect.


What does this mean for us?


Our team are creative and intelligent individuals that feel privalidged to be considered Award-worthy. In addition, our founder/director is getting the acknowledgement that he has worked extreamly hard for.

All things considered, Bulldog have the persistence to succeed and the talent to do so. Which is why we would like to thank everyone who is helping in achieving our goals and aspirations for the business. So on behalf of the Bulldog Digital Media team – thank you!

Lee Dobson

Posted by Lee Dobson

Head of Search

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