A collection of the best digital marketing blogs (April 2019)

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A collection of the best digital marketing blogs (April 2019)

Our monthly digital marketing blog roundups always seem to come round so quickly, but that’s fine, as it means we get to share even more epic content with you all! Once again, things were kept pretty varied through April, and there were a few standout articles which we’ve been itching to share for quite some time. With another month full of more bank holidays and (hopefully) some more sun ahead, it only seems right to start things off with thought-provoking content.

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Brighton SEO slides – April 2019

Chosen by: Lee Dobson, Head of Strategy

We were gutted that we couldn’t attend BrightonSEO this year, and this only worsened every time we went on social media and saw tonnes of digital marketing enthusiasts enjoying the event. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as SiteVisbility, co-founders of BrightonSEO, have collated all of the slides used and put them into a neat schedule for us. This means that if you missed a particular talk or missed the whole event altogether, you can dive right in here!

It’s worth mentioning that you won’t struggle to find a specific presentation, as this schedule has been neatly arranged into topics.

Donald Glover’s Airdrop stunt at Coachella

Chosen by: Matt Sladden, Digital Outreach Executive

We love experimental marketing tactics, and they seem to be getting more creative as the years go on. This time around, it was Donald Glover’s time to shine. While at Coachella, Childish Gambino used iOS Airdrop to send a few festival attendees a photo of his unreleased Adidas sneaker range. The lucky few who received a message were then given the pair of the shoes, providing that they wear them and show them off the whole weekend at Coachella.

Now, this marketing stunt was pretty epic for everyone involved, and certainly something which hadn’t been done before. It’s clear to see that Adidas used Glover’s fame to their advantage, and it wasn’t long before the story was circulating on social media. Taylor Peterson covers this interesting campaign over on Marketing Land; proving that experimental marketing gets bolder with influence.

How to write a blog post

Chosen by: Emily Wilson, Digital Marketing Executive

Ironically, we highlight how amazing it is to have fresh content on our screens every second of the day; but there’s a catch. With more and more content being pumped out, the harder it gets to be seen. The harder it gets to rank.

Now, running a successful blog is not something which can be done overnight, but we recommend paying close attention to the nine steps in this guide for a nudge in the right direction. Although some of the points mentioned might seem like common sense, it’s still really handy to have everything in one place to look back on.

Where does 50% of all traffic go?

Chosen by: Andre Pierrie, Senior Relationship Manager

We’ve been adding tonnes of insights to our new resources page recently, and April’s addition explored the question ‘where does 50% of all website traffic go?’. This was a really interesting study for us to carry out, and it’s astonishing to see just how much traffic certain sites gobble up. It’s clear to see we’ve all got some pretty tough competition, but this article will cover everything you need to know, from numbers to niche. Take a look at our findings and let us know your thoughts on the current top 5 websites.

Carlsberg pours its heart out with Pilsner relaunch

Chosen by: Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach

Brand transparency is a key ingredient to success nowadays, which is why we’re giving praise where it’s due. Carlsberg finally faced the claims that their beer probably isn’t the ‘best beer in the world’, through promoting a series of hilarious tweets slating their very own creation. This weird promotion tactic got people talking, and a couple of weeks later, Carlsberg announced the launch of ‘Carlsberg Pilsner’; in pursuit of better beer.

We have to admit, this is a pretty brave move for Carlsberg to make, and there’s now a whole lot of pressure on their new product living up to expectations. From a marketing point of view, though, they’ve absolutely smashed their campaign and created a great hype just in time for May Bank Holiday weekend. Clearly, there was a method to the madness.

We analyzed 12 million outreach emails

Chosen by: Brandon Evans, Outreach Assistant

Creating the perfect outreach email can be tough; especially now that more and more people are aware as to what’s going on within the industry. However, the power of outreach is still incredibly strong, so the quality of your email is a huge contributing factor to better response rates. The team over at Backlinko have put together an awesome report highlighting what they learnt from analysing 12 million outreach emails. There are some really interesting points from this study, and we suggest giving it a read if you want to smash your next outreach campaign.

YouTube SEO: How to rank your videos

Chosen by: Gareth Bull, Director

Achieving strong rankings on YouTube is hard, and we’re still learning the ways with our video series Behind The Bulldog. YouTube doesn’t have a definite algorithm as Google does, but it’s still a known fact that there are particular things that you can do in order to get found. While there’s no overnight cure with this, there are certainly some good places to start. We recommend heading over to this article we found from Ahrefs, as it provides you with tips and examples that should help boost your videos. We’ll certainly be following it for the next few months.

We surveyed 1,400 searchers about Google

Chosen by: Buzz Carter, Head of Outreach

As search marketers who work alongside Google on a daily basis, we got pretty excited to see that Moz had recently conducted a survey with 1,400 searchers to find out their thoughts on the widely-used search engine. The results were pretty interesting, and it seems that many users are still pretty sceptical of Google and all of its features. We recommend checking out these findings so that you always have your audience in mind.

Well, that should keep you busy!

Is there anything else you’d add to an April blog roundup? If so, then please let us know – we love filling our brains with lots of industry knowledge! See you next month.