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I was recently given an awesome opportunity to talk at the Lincolnshire Marketing Conference. The aim of this event was to bring together the best minds from modern day marketing, in order to answer the question “how should businesses reach audiences in 2019?”.

As someone who has had a lot of success building a digital marketing agency and email marketing platform, it’s safe to say that I had a few tricks up my sleeves, in which I chose to share at the conference.

I focused my talk on the importance of buying and building digital assets to drive sales. This is a topic which may send shivers down some marketers spines, but when done effectively, it can pay off. Trust me, I’ve tried and tested it.

“Everyone is in a competitive market, but there must be people out there that have cut through the noise and have found something different”.

It’s amazing to see how offering free assets can help to save the main structure of a business. Take Crew, for example. Crew launched Unsplash (a free photo platform) and ended up driving millions of visitors back to their paid platform through it.

Another great example of a business smashing side project marketing is Hubspot; their marketing is so good it’s annoying. They’re everywhere – offering stacks of fresh content for a huge array of audiences. They get stuck in your mind, for all the right reasons.

“I ended up thinking to myself – how could we start some side project marketing with EmailOctopus? How could we provide so much value with a free project that would make people feel so guilty – that they’d have to buy from you?”.

I found my success by offering email templates. Nothing fancy – just giving away templates for free and getting email addresses through the funnel from doing so. There’s so much stuff that you can do for your own brand; you’ve just got to find the right fit.

“The best marketing is when you don’t know it’s marketing”.

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