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Gabby Cohen

Posted by Gabby Cohen

Bulldog goes to the Tech City On Sea event

Yesterday, Thursday 12th, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Tech City On Sea event. When we set off to the Hive in Southend, we were excited for the evening ahead of us. The Bulldog Digital Media team spoke…
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Published on 13 Apr 2018

Ellis Burke

Posted by Ellis Burke

Tools for a productive agency – Optimise the way your agency collaborates

Running an agency that’s productive and happy can be difficult to achieve. Which is why we thought we’d share with you all our wisdom on the matter. When we say wisdom, we mean a range of tools and methods we…
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Published on 6 Apr 2018

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

Clear. Concise. Convenient: Everything modern website copy should be.

Modern website copy should be three key things; clear, concise and convenient. Although these nouns are all associated with the idea of simplicity, creating copy that seamlessly executes this concept is far from simple. It takes a dedicated mind and…
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Published on 29 Mar 2018

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

2018 European Search Awards – we’re nominated!

The European Search Awards acknowledge outstanding agencies who show complete skill in the art of Search. This year, we are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for two of the Search Awards! We would like to congratulate our…
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Published on 23 Mar 2018

Lewis Griffin

Posted by Lewis Griffin

Creating show-stopping online display Ads

Online display ads bring customers to you. That way, all you have to do is design a show-stopping ad that viewers will feel compelled towards and wait for them to click through to you. Easy. Well, not quite. Graphic Designers…
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Published on 16 Mar 2018

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

Topical Vs Evergreen Content: Which will engage your audience?

Imagine you’re in the middle of planning content for your business’s blog. You’re starting to cultivate a few topic ideas that will interest your target audience, just as you always do. But this time you feel defeated before you even…
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Published on 9 Mar 2018

Ryan Toomey

Posted by Ryan Toomey

Head of Design

The 7 Cleverest domains

We all remember catchy phrases and creative poems, but most of us don’t realise we also easily remember domain names as well – only the ones that are clever, though.  We’ve compiled a list of the cleverest domains out there,…
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Published on 2 Mar 2018

Georgia Sparrow

Posted by Georgia Sparrow

Snapchat’s value drops $1.3 billion after Kylie Jenner’s Tweet – The power of social influencers

All hail the new Queen of Social influence, Kylie Jenner. One woman, one tweet, one point three billion dollars. You heard it, Kylie Jenner has yet again dominated the age of Social Influencers. Whether it was a purposeful attack against Snapchat or…
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Published on 23 Feb 2018

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