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The vast majority of your website's visitors are leaving
before taking any action. AdRoll counters this.

With an effective retargeting campaign in place, you can identify these lost visitors, engage with them, and turn a good chunk of them back into valuable customers. Why go through all that effort to attract loads of potential customers to your site, just to have as much as 90% of them turn away without a trace? Retargeting with Adroll gives you the chance to continue chasing these leads, which means higher conversion rates, higher revenue, and more long-term users.

Our AdRoll approach

  • AdRoll Email
    AdRoll email is completely data-backed. This means we can track the data from your site and use AdRoll to identify products and services that individual users have looked at or ordered before.
  • AdRoll Dynamic Ads
    We’ll design adverts that do more than just show items related to your website, we’ll create ads that show past users specific items that they’ve actively engaged with in the past.
  • AdRoll Integrations
    AdRoll integrates with Shopify, Hubspot and other leading e-commerce platforms, so we’ll be able to ensure all of AdRolls most powerful features run smoothly and perfectly in-line with your stores needs and structure.
“AdRoll has opened up a new stream of sales for us. Bulldog recommended it and set up our campaign. They have been constantly analysing our campaign and it's gone 100 times better than I thought it would.”
Amy Cook
Business Operations Manager

More about AdRoll


AdRoll is the leading platform in “retargeting”. It’s the prime tool we’ll use to understand how your site is losing traffic, convince those leads to come back, and turn more of your visitors into conversions. Heard of “browser cookies”? We use AdRoll to place cookies in the browsers of visitors. We can then create advert campaigns to target those users once they’ve left your pages. It’s a sophisticated and powerful means to place your products in front of potential customers that we already know have shown an interest in your offering. We are certified specialists, so you know your AdRoll campaign is in safe and experienced hands.


Through years of experience, our team has developed an understanding of AdRoll that has evolved far beyond simple one-click solutions. AdRoll was built as a marketing platform designed to drive optimum performance. In the hands of our most experienced team members, this dynamic tool can be used to generate leads and retargeting campaigns that take your website's performance to a market leading level. We’ll help you skip all the wasteful teething issues that any new AdRoll user is bound to face and cut straight through to the stellar results that can be achieved with AdRolls most advanced and impactful solutions.

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