How To Write Product Descriptions For A Dropship Store

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Dropshipping is a profitable business if it is done right. It basically allows sellers to sell the products without having to buy them first.

In the drop shipping business, you don’t have to buy or stock goods anywhere. All you have to do is get orders from your dropshipping store and tell the supplier where it needs to be delivered under your name. However, to generate sales from your Dropshipping store, you need to create product descriptions for it.

Importance of product descriptions in a dropshipping store

Product descriptions are crucial for any ecommerce website, including dropshipping stores. They help customers to get the necessary information before making purchasing decisions. According to a study, over 80% of customers consider product descriptions influential in their decision-making process. 

You should have two types of product descriptions on your store; a brief one at the top of the page and a more detailed one further down. 

Avoid copying and pasting your supplier’s descriptions as it results in plagiarized content that can negatively affect SEO. Even if you decide to go ahead and do it, always modify the descriptions to make them unique and tailored to your store’s needs.

How to fix the product descriptions that you get from the dupplier

1. Know your store’s audience and tailor the descriptions in accordance with them

The first thing that you have to do is understand what your audience needs. You have to keep the audience of your dropshipping store in mind – rather than the AliExpress supplier’s. Simply copying product descriptions while importing products won’t work here. 

Product descriptions have to resonate with your customers’ interests and needs. If customers can’t understand how your product will help fix their pain point, why would they buy it?

For example, a person with acne might be looking for a skincare product. You have to use this to your advantage and tailor the product description to make them realise that your product is the solution to their problem. Talking about the ingredients of the product and letting them know that certain ingredients are effective against acne is a good way to reel them in.

You can research online, take surveys, interview customers, and review your competitors’ reviews to see what they need. Once this is done, tailor your product descriptions around the audience’s needs.

2. Portray the features as benefits (if this hasn’t been done already)

Benefits/features are usually mentioned in the detailed product description down the page. A good product description should make the product’s benefits clear to the prospect. Most suppliers might’ve already done that, but if they haven’t, you have to do it yourself. Let the customers know how their lives can change or become if they choose to purchase the product. 

Highlight how each feature can translate into a positive outcome for the customer. Try listing them in bullet points to make them prominent to the customers. This can contribute to painting the product’s value in their eyes

Besides this, using action verbs and descriptive language can take this to the next level. Address the common issues of the customers through the features of your product. This way, they’ll become benefits. 

3. The short description must be appealing

Almost all ecommerce websites have two types of product descriptions – as we explained earlier. The short description is something that the customer reads after viewing the image and reading the title. So, it must be very appealing and catchy to grab the customer’s attention at first glance. You can take it as a sales pitch to lure the customers. The best way to write a short product description is to prepare a persuasive summary of the long description. Customers will know all about the product in just limited words. It can help in making purchasing decisions.

You can read the full description thoroughly and create a summary manually in the proper tone to draft the short description. Or, you can get help from tech tools like this AI summarizing tool. There are plenty of online summarizing tools that can help you generate a summary of any long content. You can use these tools to generate short descriptions in no time.

4. Restructure the descriptions to make them look more appealing

Most drop shippers simply copy product descriptions from AliExpress while importing products. This is often an automated process that saves time. This can be beneficial only for the people who want to market the products using paid campaigns. If you want to grab organic customers, you can’t rely on copied/pasted descriptions.

You must rewrite every product description to make it SEO-optimised and in a proper persuasive tone. If you are importing hundreds of products, this manual rewriting process can be a headache because it will take time and effort. However, you can still automate it to a certain extent.

You can use online paraphrasing tools such as BypassGPT to rewrite or restructure copied product descriptions. This AI-powered paraphrasing tool is smart enough to judge the context and rewrite it in the desired tone. You can select a persuasive tone to rewrite product descriptions to post on your dropshipping store. 

5. Re-adjust the keywords to appropriate places 

The next thing you have to do is re-adjust the relevant keywords where they look the most natural. We’re using the word “re-adjust” because, let’s suppose you’re using the description from your supplier. Most suppliers have already adjusted the relevant keywords in their product descriptions, but most dropshipping stores are already copying them, decreasing the value of those keywords.

You need to adjust the same keywords, maybe even new ones, again, in other appropriate places to increase their value. Thus the word “re-adjust”. Finding the keywords that are already used in the descriptions can be a problem. Fortunately, a keyword extractor can do this for you and you won’t have to spend time figuring out the right keywords.  

Once that is done, all you have to do is adjust those keywords to new places where they look and feel natural. Of course, you can always add more keywords yourself but keep in mind that you don’t add too many as the supplier might’ve already pushed the limit. Adding any more will count as keyword stuffing.

Examples of good product descriptions

Here’s an example of a short product description displayed right next to the product images.

And here’s one that is detailed and is located further down the page of the product.

You can see that the second description is quite detailed, yet it still doesn’t look overwhelming to read because of its structure. The features are also portrayed as benefits.

Final words

Copying product descriptions from AliExpress for your dropshipping store is never a good idea. You’re not the only one doing that, and since so many stores already do so, it comes with a cost. To avoid this, you have to fix some things in the descriptions from your supplier before using them.

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