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The value of content goes way beyond what we can
fathom – it’s an art and a science.

Our content team are continually typing away at their keyboards, noisily and somehow in some rhythm, to form the most interesting, emotion-provoking and (arguably most importantly) easy-to-understand content. In other words, we keep it concise and clear – the way digital content should be. Digital content is one of the main components of digital marketing. It’s imperative to any business. Content is so much more than a few words here and there. Creative content that includes images, graphics and videos are taking over the internet due to the powerful potential of such material.

Our content marketing services

  • Your customers don't want to see and read average content. They want content that’s bold, daring and gives them unique perspectives that are no-where else but on your site. They want content that answers their questions, fixes their pain points and meets their needs, and that's exactly what we do.
  • Traffic not converting? It's a common problem that businesses have. We're here to change that. With us, they'll be no wasting your marketing and advertising efforts. We fine-tune our techniques to ensure an unbelievable conversion rate - built from finding issues within web copy, design, onboarding and more.
  • Infographics have seen a rise in the most recent years, and they are only getting more popular. Why are they growing so fast? Well, brands finally realise the fantastic results that infographics can accomplish. Infographics combine timely, relevant content with an eye-catching design to spark-up facts and stats.
  • Your landing pages need to have sharp and clear call to actions, compelling copy and a stunning design. If done well, landing pages will capture leads and convert site visitors. Our conversion optimisation experts are the people who will create seamless landing pages to increase your qualified leads.
  • Social media is incredible for promoting brands. So, Why isn’t yours bringing in business? Why aren’t your posts gaining engagement? These are the type of questions we work to answer. Once we figure out why, we will transform your social media plan into one that connects online conversions with serious growth.
“The content Bulldog has produced for FinTech has been incredible, it's gained huge exposure online and on social media. I'm always getting people comment on the eye-catching content they've produced!”
Gilbert Van Roon
Director and Founder

Working with us

Content that drives traffic and earns you links will build you a reputation for delivering useful, attractive and fun insights into your industry. Once you grow on this, your brand will become the go-to. How do we do this? We generate striking content in the form of infographics, articles, guest posts and even website content. Don’t believe that we can deliver all of this? Just take a look at the content on our site and our blog; you’ll see the remarkable work our content team produce (not to brag or anything!). Search Engines’ understanding of content is growing increasingly, especially their understanding of rich media. It’s why we, as Digital Marketers, understand that content must be readable for Search Engines, a­­­­s well as, people. Of course, our primary goal is always to provide useful content that your Target Audience will LOVE. However, we also need to allow search engines to understand the content their search bots or crawlers are looking at. Once mastered (and we've long since mastered this), the content that we produce will be readily accessible to your audience. It’s where our SEO savvy’s get involved! Enough about that though, this page is dedicated to the art of content creation, we’ll explain those technicalities on the SEO page. Right, back to the beautiful, seamlessly crafted content that we’re going to produce for you. Whichever services you decide to go with, you’ll get a personal account manager dedicated to you. Our team of young, confident experts that have the initiative needed to deliver results will work on your campaign religiously. We have mini-teams within the Bulldog family. These include the specialist design guys, imaginative content writers, technical SEO savvies, PPC duo, research and development crew and the Outreach squad. Each group within our big team are impressively talented within their section, so you can feel sure you’ll get only the best. Want to check-up on your campaign? Just log into Bulldog Reports with the App. It's so simple.
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