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They say success is all about who you know. With digital PR, Bulldog make sure you know the right people. We use tested, targeted and
tailored outreach to connect you with content creators, journalists and influencers who can help your brand.

There’s no telling how far one good relationship will take your business. Our job is to make those connections.

Links, shares and media coverage can make a world of difference for your rankings,
traffic and sales – but that kind of exposure doesn’t earn itself.

We use a combination of personal outreach, digital press releases and calculated content
creation to throw your brand in the spotlight and improve your SEO.

We Offer...

Content Design

Content Design

Need an infographic that earns links and shares, or an eBook that educates your audience? We plan, research, create and promote content your brand can be proud of and your audience will love.

Targeted Outreach

Targeted Outreach

To get your content covered, we seek out relevant influencers, allies and industry hubs we can contact on your behalf with outreach that doesn’t feel scripted. We reach people who can send you quality links, qualified traffic or a slew of social shares.

Press & Media Coverage

Press & Media Coverage

Need the media to pick up your story? We write and place compelling press releases that outlets can’t ignore. It doesn’t stop there. We follow up to build relationships with content creators who are interested in the work you’re doing.

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