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Valentine’s Day is a global celebration which embraces all things to do with love. From pampering to gifting, there’s always an excuse to splash the cash at this time of year.

And what comes with holidays that encourage people to spend? Excited marketers, that’s what. This is where the power of holiday marketing comes into play.

This guide is for those who are looking for some last-minute digital marketing tips, all in relation to Valentine’s Day.

Importance of holiday marketing

A well-planned marketing strategy helps to raise awareness surrounding a particular product or service, which in turn leads to more revenue. Through effective holiday marketing campaigns, customers will feel more inclined to make buying decisions based off the season in play.

With the rate that modern technology is taking over the world, digital marketing has become the best way to reach the largest audience possible. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s never been more appropriate to create a marketing campaign in relation to it.

Top marketing tips for Valentine’s Day

From social media ads to email marketing strategies, there are many ways which you can use Valentine’s Day to your brand’s advantage. Here are 8 simple – yet effective – ways to embrace the season of love.

1. The magic of buy one get one free

Valentine’s is all about sharing the love, and when it comes to your marketing strategy, what better way to so do than with an irresistible deal? The magic of a ‘buy one get one free’ offer will encourage customers to fall in love with your product, and with an extra one free, you’ll be benefitting both them and their Valentine!

2. Send emails with catchy holiday themes

Email marketing has become quite the norm in the business world, but how do you stand out from the crowd and get noticed in someones busy inbox?

Integrating holiday themes in your emails can go a long way in earning the attention you need to set your business on the right track. Make the subject of the emails irresistible, make use of a tongue-in-cheek message and tie it in with an offer the recipient can’t refuse.

3. Your social media profile should have a dash of romance

Flame up the mood with a dash of romance on your social media accounts. We live in a time when almost everyone is active on one social media platform or the other; make the most of this opportunity. Curiosity will take over those who visit your social profile and see some love-themed posts. As mentioned earlier, create ads on your social media platforms to ignite a romantic mood using the Picsart ad maker, seizing the opportunity to captivate your audience and spark curiosity with love-themed posts on your profile.

4. Create a competition for fans to share their love experiences

Competitions are an extremely popular way of creating a buzz – we’ll do anything for a prize!

One way to keep your social media followers engaged during Valentine’s season is to start a thread where you ask them to share their unique love stories. Allow everyone to share their exciting stories – after a set period of time, you can deem the best one a winner, using your product as the prize. Encouraging your followers to tag their loved ones will also widen your reach, building on hype and brand awareness even more so.

5. Don’t forget that some people won’t want to celebrate romance

Valentine’s isn’t for everyone and it’s this exact reason why ‘anti-valentines’ campaigns have been doing so well in recent years. If possible, try to make your campaigns all-inclusive so that no one is left out. If not possible, you can run another campaign which focuses on those who aren’t fussed about the romantic side of things instead!

6. Make room for charity

Valentine’s Day is all about love and sharing – what better time to give back to the society that has given you so much? If your company is known for charitable acts, customers will be happy to contribute to the cause by just shopping. Strategies like asking customers to donate a small amount of money to fund a charity project or donating materials to schools and charity homes can go a long way when attracting customers in this season of love.

7. Consumers love flash sales and good deals

Who doesn’t love a flash sale? In light of Valentine’s Day, run a very brief discount sale which customers won’t be able to refuse. With a timer ticking away on your website, visitors will feel inclined to make a purchase – especially if they know that such good deals won’t be available again.

8. Rewards and reinforcements

Reward schemes are a great way to keep customers coming back for more. Around this time of year, you could offer a handful of free chocolate bars, roses or any other related item as a ‘reward’ for customers who do business with you. Everyone loves a freebie!

So, there you have it. 8 extremely simple but effective ways to entice a great audience and get people with interacting with your brand! Be sure to check out our holiday calendar in order to make sure that you’re prepped for the rest of the year’s festivities.

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