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Our local SEO approach

  • Local SEO Analysis & Application
    We’ll utilise a number of tools and techniques to develop your local presence and ensure that Google recognises your business as the best option for local people.
  • Website Optimisation
    We’ll go over your current layout and make sure your site represents your local profile properly. Your website should provide the most important information possible.
  • Google My Business
    This is an integral part of Google's product range that should be completely utilised as effectively as possible. Your site needs to be placed in a prime position when customers look for your offering.
  • Local Citations
    The more Google sees your business appear in highly used databases and relevant referral websites, the more relevant your business becomes in search results.
  • Local Link Building
    Old school link building was just about numbers and simple volume. Now, it’s more about creating quality links that really help direct people to your pages for all the right reasons.
  • Local Digital PR
    Local press and media still plays a huge role in getting people to talk about and frequent local establishments. We’ll find the stories that’ll catch people's attention.
“Bulldog has helped us rank locally, and over the years we've experienced such a difference. Not only do we get people enquiring online but they've increased the numbers through the door as well!”
Marc Davis
Business Development Manager

More about local SEO

Local SEO will bring the most impact to businesses offering a product or service to customers within a specific area. Whether you deliver a top grade service to the community or run a long-standing brick and mortar establishment, with the right local SEO strategy in place, you can expect boosts in traffic to your website, more sales, more exposure and a more sustainable business for the long run. Our team has extensive experience in helping local businesses grow within their local communities to reach their full potential. We know exactly how to attract more customers to specific target areas and raise the online profile of your business to convert local traffic.

Ranking high for terms related to your location is necessary, but things have moved on and now there are other factors to consider. It’s also key to rank high for terms used by those who don't specify a location in their search but are still within your target market. Today, more and more users are using personalisation of their settings and preferences to help them find things faster. This means exact location terms aren't always necessary in their searches. If you don't have very much experience in local search, you might still be relying on outdated strategies that are no longer producing the results your brand deserves, we’ve been working in local SEO for years and know exactly how to help your business improve your local search visibility through our SEO Services.
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