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Audits that cover curious technical conundrums
to low traffic numbers and beyond

Our technical approach

  • Keyword usage & relevance in search
    Is your site mentioning and offering exactly what your target audience is looking for?
  • Originality and quality of content
    Does your presence help and inspire your customer base?
  • Duplication of pages
    Are any of your pages duplicated on different URLs?
  • Geo-location of pages
    Are your regional pages communicating with their designated audiences effectively?
  • Site architecture
    Is your site built with a preferable and hierarchical layout, with a clear directory and the right level of internal linking?
  • Broken links and other crawl errors
    Is your site being crawled smoothly or are some of your pages detering crawler bots and causing frustration for users?
  • Redirect chains
    Is your site missing out on strong interlinking through too many redirects and are search engines finding it hard to crawl your site?
  • Page speed
    Are you losing customers through slow loading times, finding you have a high bounce rate and aren't converting?
“We have been working with Bulldog since March this year and can only say good things about them. They are professional, friendly and most importantly they know their digital media stuff that can help your companies growth.”
Nav Dhar
Franchise Manager

More about our SEO audits

If you have a large website, these issues can be causing a huge amount of disruption to your current performance. We’ll correct them to create an instant boost to your site's ranking and SEO. At the end of our audit, we’ll provide you with a clear list of actionable recommendations supported by crawl data to resolve or erase everything that’s damaging your SEO. Our team can then advise and assist your development team in making the changes needed or if you would prefer that we take care of it for you, our experienced in-house developers will get it done as efficiently as possible! Why are these actions so important? Quality online content is becoming increasingly important for brands that aim to stand out from the crowd. Do nothing and you’re sure to be left behind by competitors that are way ahead of you in search rankings. The best way to win with any organic search or social strategy is to make sure that your website is as relevant to your audience as possible. Combine this with an extra edge in the technical side of things like on-page elements such as H-tagging or structured data, and you’ll have a strategy that delivers maximum traffic, visibility and performance. Our unique approach. We believe your Digital Marketing strategy should fall perfectly in line with your businesses wider marketing plan. Our content and SEO audits derive all the information needed for us to understand how best to go about connecting your brand with its target audience.
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