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We’re a digital marketing and SEO agency in Braintree who use simple search marketing methods to rank your site, drive more traffic, and grow your business.

Digital marketing in Braintree

Braintree – a town located in Essex with a lot of business potential. Are you ahead of the game? Gaining the attention of residents in the Braintree area is simple when you market yourself effectively, which is why improving your organic search positions is something that you can’t afford to neglect. Even if you want to stretch further afield, utilising SEO in Essex provides your site with benefits that you won’t want to miss out on. An increasing amount of businesses are making the transition to the digital age, making it even more important to ensure you are doing the same. Heading to a digital marketing agency in Braintree that specialises in SEO is a decision you will never regret. With this in mind, here at Bulldog Digital Media SEO Braintree, we’ll take your needs and tailor our services to suit. So, if paid search is more your cup of tea, that’s fine by us. Need a site audit? No problem. Get in contact with us today to discuss your online goals.


Flexible marketing

We can adapt spending and strategies throughout the year, ensuring optimal alignment with your evolving business needs and market conditions.


Transparent talk

Our reporting is jargon-free and clear, providing actionable deliverables that help grow your online business.


Personal touch

Our Head of Client Services leads communication, with strategy development input from all experts in our marketing departments.


Experienced team

Over the years, we’ve perfected our services to offer effective strategies and a streamlined process that makes collaborating with our agency effortless.

Digital marketing and SEO results in Braintree

Elevating the online visibility for OTO CBD’s online store by infusing the right dose content, SEO and backlink acquisition.

Extending digital reach with publication links and solid digital PR, ensuring Cliphair’s online presence is a cut above the rest.

Boosting online vitality with content and backlink acquisition that supplements Vitabiotics’ product pages.

Mixing up Drinkstuff’s online ads to serve a refreshing increase in sales across Google, Bing, and Amazon.

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